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Agnelo Gomes Associates, consulting engineering firm was established  by Agnelo Gomes, P.E.  a self-employed engineer : Mr. Gomes, Principal after acquiring experience working with other consulting A/E firms started his own Consulting firm in August 1987 and has since been involved with all phases of operation of his firm, the Design, Marketing, Finance and Personnel.
Mr. Gomes is a registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania and holds a Certificate of National Council Engineering Examiner(Engineering in Training).
Mr. Gomes satisfactorily completed the correspondence course in Basic Studies in Engineering Ethics, 20 Professional Development Hours Awarded on January 23, 2005 by Murdough Center for Engineering Professionalism, National Institute for Engineering Ethics, College of Engineering, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas 79409.

Thank you for visiting our new Internet site. As an up-to-date business, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our company and our offers. A new content management system will enable us to always keep you up to date.

At present, our web site is still under construction. We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of offers as soon as possible. At this point we can provide you with information regarding consulting mechanical and electrical engineering services that we provide The emphasis of our site is on indoor and exterior sports lighting, street lighting,new electrical services, fire alarm system design,etc. This topic is certainly of interest to you. Check this site later, please.

In the meantime you can reach us at (215)735-9644 and by fax at (215)735-9644, {please call before you send a fax}. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: [agnelo@aassoc.net].

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.


We're a disadvantaged small business enterprise certified by The City of Philadelphia, PENDOT, SEPTA.

Certifying Agency: City of Philadelphia.   Certification No. 6867096EC.  Expiration Date: November 24th, 2013

In brief, you should know the following about us: our company was established in [1987] and had been responsible for providing outstanding mechanical and electrical services HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection, and electrical. Our specialty is in the area [indoor lighting, exterior lighting and sports lighting, new electrical services and fire alarm services]. Our regular customers particularly value [City of Philadelphia, the school district of Philadelphia, and Architects.]. Our business is located at 1207 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

Personal Resume

PERSONAL RESUME AGNELO GOMES, P.E                                                             PRINCIPAL/SENIOR ELECTRICAL ENGINEER  

EDUCATION: Mr. Gomes was educated at Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute affiliated to Bombay University where he graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering with Honors in the year 1970. He continued his education at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA where he obtained 6 credits in Graduate Program. Mr. Gomes satisfactorily completed the correspondence Course in Basic Studies in Engineering Ethics, 20 Professional Development Hours Awarded on January 23, 2005 by Murdough Center for Engineering Professionalism, National Institute for Engineering Ethics, College of Engineering, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas 79409. Mr. Gomes continuing his studies to obtain online degree in Computer Science, with Kennedy - Western University, “ Virtual Education for 21st Century, Agoura Hills , CA.      
PROFESSIONAL STATUS: Mr. Gomes is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Pennsylvania, holds a N.C.E.E. Certificate of Engineer-In-Training – 1984  

FIELD OF SPECILIAZION: Electrical Engineering  

EMPLOYMENT RECORD   1970 to 1971    Goa Ceramics, India
Plant Engineer: Electrical maintenance for the manufacturing plant of oil fired face bricks.                                                                                    

1971 to 1977     Zuari Agro Chemicals, Ltd., Sancoale, Goa, India(An affiliate        of  US Steel Corporation)
Plant Engineer: Preventive maintenance of electrical equipment in production plants such as Ammonia naphtha based, Urea and NPK; Utility plant with three oil fired boiler units with forced and induced draft fans, GE steam turbo-alternator 9500 KVA; Water Treatment plant with water feed pumps and cooling tower fans. Plant maintenance of Main Incoming electrical substation, Dual line of 15 MVA/33KV/3.3KV, and various substations located throughout the plant of 1500 KVA/3.3KV/480V, 1000 KVA and 8 MVA. Plant maintenance of various electrical equipment such as induction and synchronous motors capacity from fractional up to 2000 HP. Emergency Diesel engine driven generator 1000 KW. High voltage Switchgears, MCC, fire alarm annunciator panels and Public Address system.                              

11/77 to 3/80           Technical Associates Charlotte, N.C., USA.

Consulting Electrical Design Engineer in Instrument and Nuclear Division, Duke Power Company, Charlotte, N.C. Computer aided Design Instrumentation and Control systems for Catawba Unit No. 1 Nuclear Generating. Design included control system of nuclear devices such as pumps, valves, Class 1E cable tray, conduit raceway, wiring and equipment layout, Supervision of designers and Draftsperson.  

5/80 to 10/83           United Engineers and Constructors, Inc. (UEC)                               Philadelphia, PA.                                           
As an Electrical Design Engineer in Chemical Division of (UEC)                               Project for the Department of Energy, Paducah, KY: Supervision of electrical design for the installation of safety components in a UFC Gaseous diffusion plant, including special controls, alarms, ladder, logic, loop, I/O address assignment diagrams, and the application of a programmable controller Allen Bradley for the instrumentation system.  Project for the Philadelphia Electric Company, Philadelphia, PA: Supervision of electrical design for the installation of magnesium oxide regenerable flue gas desulfurization system for Eddystone Station Units 1 & 2 and Cromby Unit 1. Project included the design application of microprocessor and programmable controllers for instrumentation system. Design included protective relay system to substation transformers, feeders, M.C.C., high and low voltage motors. Designed cable trays, conduit raceways, cable routing road maps, conduit and cable wire schedules. Designed auxiliary systems such as fire alarm, public address, lighting and welding.   Project for American Cyanamid Company, Linden, N.J.: Design of an expansion to an organic chemical plant, including a novel incineration project. Design included installation of a new M.C.C. and power feed, pump motors and controls, heat trace equivalent of 75 KVA.   Project for General Electric Company, Waterford, N.Y. Designed electrical control systems to a new specialty silicones process facility. Designed HVAC system using Modicon 584 programmable controller and heat trace.   Project for Mobil Oil Corporation, Paulsboro, N.J. Provided study of short circuit analysis of refinery power grid system.  

11/83 to 3/84           Wagner Associates, Inc.                               Princeton, N.J. Senior Designer Electrical and Instrumentation in Engineers/Architect Division. Responsibilities included engineering analysis and design, specifications, equipment selection, cost estimates, bid packages, review of shop drawings, drafting supervision for energy conservation measures, HVAC, power and lighting related jobs of U. S. Postal Service buildings at Kearny, Trenton, N.J.,  G.S.A. Warehouse, Bellehead, N.J., Corps. of Engineer, Chaplain School, Ft. Monmouth, N.J.  

3/84 to 5/85             Paul H.Yeomans, Inc.  Philadelphia, PA As a Professional and Project Electrical Engineer: For a $50,000,000, 650 bed Correctional Facility for the City Of Philadelphia at State Road. This project was a two-story 400,000 square feet correctional complex for Philadelphia Prisons, consisting of 650 inmate cells with administrative offices, food service facility and other support areas. Design included for this complex connection of Dual 13.2 KV incoming service of 2500 KVA capacity each. Power was distributed through eight separate electrical rooms to supply lighting, HVAC, food service and computer equipment loads in local areas. Emergency power was provided by two 500 KW generators. Provided design for fire alarm and security system using multiplex data gathering panels. Fire alarm, security,       HVAC ATC control systems were connected with the state-of-art technology using computers and data gathering panels.   Project Electrical Engineer for One Penn Plaza, Delaware. This project was a four-story 95,000 square feet office building with two floors allocated for future tenant spaces. This facility was connected with 5 KV primary service and 1000 KVA capacity. Each tenant space was connected with separate metering   Project Electrical Engineer for Two Independence Place, Philadelphia, PA. This project was a high-rise luxury apartment complex. Each floor had 12 apartments and was separately metered. Power was distributed by two busway risers of 3000 amps capacity each.   Each floor was tapped from the busway to a metering compartment of 12 metering units for the apartments. Facility was equipped with high rise fire alarm system.   Project Electrical Engineer for Mine Facilities, Coltsneck, N.J. Designed lightning protection system.   Project Electrical Engineer for Naval Air Station, Willow Grove, PA. Designed power factor improvement system for various electrical substations.  

5/85 to 5/86             Ang Associates Philadelphia, PA As a Chief Electrical Engineer supervised electrical design of various projects for SEPTA substations. Supervised design of Robin Hood Dell Recreation Center of Amphitheater for the City of Philadelphia. Supervised electrical design for the Crash Fire Rescue Station, Philadelphia International Airport. A new $2,000,000 six-bay fire station with dormitory, offices, control center with roads and site development. Project Electrical Engineer for $28,000,000 new Thomas Edison High School, Philadelphia, PA. The project included electrical design of service and distribution, lighting, power and special systems for a vocational technical high school. 

 5/86 to 5/87        Philadelphia Design Collaborative, Inc. Philadelphia, PA
As a Chief electrical Engineer supervised the design of various Alteration and Improvement Projects for the School District of Philadelphia.  

5/87 to Present as of 7/2010  

CURRENT DUTIES OF AGNELO GOMES, P.E.  WITH APPLICANT FIRM OF AGNELO GOMES ASSOCIATES   Mr. Gomes will be responsible for to investigate the existing utility conditions at the site, preparation of schematic phase, design development, and construction phase drawings, writing of specifications, and cost estimates. He will be responsible to attend and document minutes of project meetings. He will incorporate changes to the design suggested by Quality Control team. He will be responsible for Construction Phase Services. During construction phase, he will review shop drawings, attend meetings and review installation work as to the compliance of contract documentation.  Mr. Gomes has total experience of 36 years. 19 years of his total experience he has gained working with his electrical consulting engineering firm of Agnelo Gomes Associates as the Principal. He has worked with Architectural Firms, and owners such as the School District of Philadelphia and City of Philadelphia on their Capital Budget Program Projects. He was responsible for the engineering design of electrical systems, fire alarm systems, security systems, intercom system, prison system, rapid transit system, outdoor sports lighting and modernization of elevator equipment, for the commercial, institutional, residential, and industrial buildings.  
Mr. Gomes experience includes:   The Department Of Aviation (DOA) of The City of Philadelphia, Phialdelphia International Airport, PA: Project Electrical Engineer sub-consultant  to Halliburton NUS for 3 years, completed Construction Phase Inspection Services.  
The Department Of Aviation (DOA) of The City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia International Airport, PA: Project Electrical engineer completed design and construction phase services for this 6000 square feet space for US Air Facilities at Terminal B, third Floor. Project Electrical Engineer completed electrical engineering services for this 2700 square feet weights/measures space, fourth floor for US Air.

Project Electrical Engineer completed electrical engineering services for this 2000 square feet office space, Terminal B, concourse for US Air. Project Electrical Engineer completed electrical engineering services for the design of electrical service 400 amps, 3 phase, 480 Volts, to deicing equipment and other mechanical equipment in the Cargo Unit 2, Cargo City for US Air facilities.  

Capital Program Office, City of Philadelphia, PA: Haddington Senior Center, 54th & Haverford Streets, Architect Friday Architects. Project Electrical Engineer for this Fire House Community and Senior Center, 2 story building, with administrative offices, multi purpose room, activity rooms, kitchen, library, toilet rooms 10,000 sq. ft., $160,000 electrical construction budget. Provided design for power, lighting, fire alarm and security systems.  

Department of Recreation, City of Philadelphia, PA: Fox Chase Playground, Jacobs/Wyper Architects. Project Electrical Engineer for this 8,000 sq. ft. addition to the existing recreation building, that includes construction of new gymnasium facility, offices, kitchen, toilet rooms, lobby, mechanical rooms. $90,000 electrical construction budget. Provided design for power, lighting, fire alarm and security systems.     Department of Recreation, City of Philadelphia, PA: South Philadelphia Older Adult Center, Electrical design for new underground 3 phase 120/208 volt, 4 wire, 400 amps service, and design to replace fire damaged feeder wiring for HVAC three roof top units, and branch circuit wiring for lighting. New design for fire alarm system. Construction Cost $60,000 .                 

Meridian Bank new office building, Conshohocken, PA for Meredian Properties, Reading, PA: Knabb Associates. Project Electrical engineer for this 2 story 10,000 square ft. building. Provided electrical design for feeder wiring to HVAC equipment of (1)-20 tons and (1)-15 ton gas/electric roof top units. Provided the design for power distribution system, fire alarm system, and for indoor and site lighting.  

School District of Philadelphia, Phila., PA: Project Electrical engineer for various Relighting projects. Design included replacement of existing fluorescent fixtures with more energy efficient ones with electronic ballasts, and energy efficient T8 lamps. Design included rewiring, and replacement of panelboards. Design included providing new emergency generator system and wiring. Design drawings provided by using Auto Cad Release 13 program. Total Construction Budget: $3 Millions.  

Department of Recreation, City of Philadelphia, PA: Project Electrical Engineer for various playgrounds. Provided design for outdoor sports lighting of baseball fields, football fields, soccer, basketball, and tennis courts. Total Construction Budget: $2.5 Millions.  

Deliverance Evangelistic Church, Philadelphia, PA for the owner Deliverance Evangelistic Church, 21st and Lehigh Avenue:  Project Electrical Engineer for this Church. Provided design to this 4900 people seating capacity church for electrical systems to include power, lighting, and Fire Alarm system. Provided a study to save on the operating cost by tie-in to existing 13.2 KV line versus new service in order to service the new load of the church. Implemented the study into a final design to install 1-2000 KVA, 3 phase, 4 wires, 277/480V Pad mounted transformer. Construction budget: $1 million.  

Elevator Alterations and Modernization for various schools in Philadelphia, PA for the School District Of Philadelphia: Project Electrical/Elevator Engineer for various schools. Provided new design to overhaul or replace existing elevator hoist machines, hoist motors, motor-generator sets, controllers, signal operating fixtures, car slings, governor and car safeties, door operating system, car enclosures, entrance assemblies, hoist and governor cables, car and counterweight guide shoes, etc. Total construction budget was $8 million.

JASON F. GOMES                                                                         
PROJECT ELECTRICAL ENGINEER   Mr. Jason Gomes will be responsible for the preparation of the design and drafting of the project by the use of AutoCad 2000. He will perform the duties of preparing schematic phase, design development, and working drawings through guidance of professional engineers. He will also attend and document minutes of project related meetings.  

M.S. Electrical Engineering, National Technological University. Anticipated Graduation Date 12/2009 (now NTU College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Walden University)  

B.S. Electrical Engineering, Drexel University, Philadelphia,PA          2006                           

Currently maintaining a SECRET LEVEL Security Clearance issued by the U.S Department of Defense  


L-3 Communications-Communications Systems East,
Camden, NJ                                2005 – 2009
Member of Engineering Staff (Hardware-Electrical)                                                   2007 – 2009
Associate Member of Engineering Staff (Hardware-Electrical)                                  
2006 – 2007
 Hardware Engineering Intern                                                                2005 – 2006
· Project member involved in the design, integration and deployment of a shipboard communications system for the National Security Cutter ships for the Integrated Deepwater System Program (US Coast Guard).  System is comprised of various VHF/UHF/HF radios, a digital integrated voice and data switching system, encryption devices, servers, Ethernet serial hubs (RS-232/RS-422) and other hardware, software, cabling and interconnects. 
·   Designed cable assemblies, wire harnesses and wire connection lists for power, signal and data transmission with emphasis on choosing cable material, specifying length of the cable, designating the mating connector to the hardware and extracting the signals from the hardware.  
 ·  Served as primary lead for determining the obsolescence of integrated chips for 35 circuit boards and researching and testing the replacement part for conformity, fit and function as the obsolete part. 
·   Generated 250+ engineering change notices to electrical schematics, assembly drawings and parts lists.
·   Assigned as a primary librarian for E3 Zuken cable tool to generate detailed models of various types of equipment by extracting information from datasheets, commercial/military specifications, and manuals.    
·   Conducted in the research of determining replacement equipment for the NSC system to ensure that they met similar technical functions and capabilities, interconnection with existing equipment, mechanical characteristics and electrical power specifications. 
·   Developed systems engineering products such as interconnect diagrams, integration plans, component detailed design and concept of operations. ·         Collaborated with the manufacturing floor to ensure cable assemblies were built according to the drawing and commercial/military specifications. 
·   Assisted test engineering through the factory acceptance tests, system sell-off, and requirement/design verification and validation. 
·   Configured, modified, troubleshot, tested and debugged the system at the L-3 site and shipyard.
·   Acted as L-3 point of contact to interface with customer, sub-contractors, L-3 program management, shipyard and the U.S. Coast Guard through verbal and written communication in the form of detailed status reports on a daily basis.
·  Interviewed engineering students for entry-level positions at career fairs throughout the country    

SAP America, Inc.
, Newtown Square, PA                                                                                                  Telecommunications Intern,                                                        March – September 2004 ·         Administered the PBX system by moving, adding and changing the phones for internal SAP clients. ·         Interfaced with facilities department to coordinate large scale moves for 200+ phones in buildings. ·         Supported technology vendor products such as Siemens and Polycom which are utilized in the company’s world wide system communications. ·         Activated T-Mobile cellular phones and palm devices for internal SAP clients and provided technical support and maintenance for these devices.  

Agnelo Gomes Associates, Consulting Engineers
, Philadelphia, PA Project Electrical Engineer Co-op, (family business),         
June 2002 to March 2003, December 2004

·   Designed/drafting electrical power distribution 1ph, 120/240V, 3-wire for outdoor recreational sports lighting, indoor lighting and power systems through the use of AutoCAD.
·   Prepared schematic plans, single line diagrams and panel schedules for the architectural buildings.
·   Designed and drafted plans and hoistways for the modernization of traction and hydraulic elevators.
·   Prepared proposals and attended project meetings for these electrical projects. ·   Worked under the supervision of a licensed Professional Engineer.
·   Performed lighting circuit calculations, circuit breaker and voltage drop calculations.
·   Knowledgeable of the application of National Electric Code as to wire and conduit fill/sizing electrical distribution for the buildings and outdoor recreation areas.
·   Provided electrical engineering support for the construction administration services of electrical projects.
·   Attended all pre-proposal, pre-construction, and construction sign-off meetings.    
Equipment:  Function Generator, Oscilloscope, Multimeter, DC Power Supply, Curve Tracer, Logic Analyzer, TI2812 DSP Microprocessor Board Software:  E3 Zuken Cable, MATLAB, Simulink, Cadence OrCAD, Mentor Graphics Model Simulation, Mentor Graphics Design Architect, Maple, AutoCAD, LabView, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Office Products
Programming Language
MATLAB, VHDL, Verilog     


Member of Association of Scientists and Professional Engineering Personnel (ASPEP), 2006 to 2009
. Member of Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE), 2001 to 2006
. Creating Excellent Organization (CEO):  Earned the following certificates
Personal Leadership
Organizational Leadership
Diversity Education
Distinguished Service to the Community                              
Participant in John Maxwell’s ‘Learning the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership’Participant in John Maxwell’s ‘Learning the 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader.
Reading books on leadership, personal finance, investing, engineering software programs and programming languages.    

Volunteer for the Big Brother/Little Brother program of Greater Philadelphia area, 2008 to Present
Volunteer financial counselor for Financial Peace University, 2008 and 2009
Active Member of Covenant Fellowship Church, 2003 to Present

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